GMC Day at Habitat For Humanity

By Ken

One great perk of working for Green Mountain Coffee is “Cafe Time”, which is paid leave for community service.  Yesterday, Cafe Time came to life for our Marketing group as ten of us worked on a Habitat For Humanity house in Milton, VT.


Many of us here believe Habitat For Humanity is a great cause.  The mission of the VT Green Mountain chapter is:


    • Constructing simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with families who currently live in unfit, indecent, inhuman conditions and have no possibility of obtaining a home through any conventional means.



  • Selling these homes to the partner family for cost, with no profit and no interest. Reinvesting the mortgage payments from these partner families to build more simple, decent, affordable homes.



  • Providing a means for people who have resources of time, money, or materials to channel them to the poor. Involving an ever increasing number of people in the work of Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity.



  • Tithing from donations to support the work of Habitat for Humanity International in countries with greater need than exists in the United States.



  • Working with people of good conscience and other organizations with similar interests to raise awareness of housing issues so that everyone in the world can have the opportunity to have a simple, decent, affordable place to live.




We enjoyed helping the cause.

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