Flynn’s™ Soda Shop Orange Cream Halloween Treat

By Briana Keene


Countdown to Halloween is here! What better way to kick off Halloween weekend than with a spooktacular recipe that your guests will be enjoying til the last howl at the moon.

We put a cool twist on a fun candy corn look-a-like treat by using our delicious Flynn’s™  Soda Shop Orange Cream Soda.


1.5 oz Lemon gelatin (half of a 3-oz package)
3/4 cup boiling water
1 cup mango nectar
2 Flynn’s™ Soda Shop Orange Cream KOLD Pods
Whipped cream
Sprinkles (optional)
12 2-oz shot glasses


Combine the Lemon gelatin and boiling water in a
medium bowl. Stir until the gelatin is completely
dissolved. Stir in the mango nectar.
Pour one ounce into each 2-oz shot glass.
Place in the refrigerator and chill for about one hour.
When ready to serve, pour 1 oz Flynn’s Soda Shop Orange Cream into each shot glass.

Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.
Serve immediately.

We hope you love this irresistibly delicious treat! Check out all of our Flynn’s™ Soda Shop KOLDbeverages including Root Beer as well as some Diet Cream Sodas, at

 Happy Halloween!

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