Five Tricks for an Awesome Fourth of July Picnic

By Kristen Mercure


Hello, summer! You’re looking dazzling this year – between the lush lawns, fragrant flowers, and stunning sunsets, you’ve truly outdone yourself. In fact, you’re making us feel like we need to step up our game, especially with the Fourth of July around the corner. It’s one thing to go out to picnic with fireworks in the sky; it’s another to make that picnic just as spectacular as the display – without too much extra effort.  Here are just a few tricks we have up our sleeve to make this Fourth of July picnic the best it can be:

Watermelon Sticks

Make watermelon less of a sticky mess with one simple addition: an ice pop stick. Slice the watermelon into wedges. Poke an ice pop stick into the rind and ta-da: your watermelon now has a handle and your guests’ hands are mess free.

Infused Ice Cubes

Of course, you brew up drinks into tumblers before you leave so everyone gets what they want. To keep them nice and cold without letting them be watered down, add infused ice cubes. Brew your favorite Keurig® beverage as directed, bring it to room temperature, and pour it into an ice tray to freeze. The next time you brew over ice, pull out your creative ice cubes, fill up your Keurig®  Brew Over Ice tumbler, and brew right over them to create a supernova of flavor!

Picnic Stakes

Stake your claim on the best spot with… stakes! Grab some tent stakes and use them to pin down the corners of your blanket. Now, neither wind or adventuresome toddlers can blow your spot away.

Picnic Blanket Volley Ball

Prepare for fun with things you already have to bring. Picnic Blanket Volley Ball anyone? How about Tin Foil Keep Up? Or (empty) Tumbler Bowling? Get creative with what you have so you don’t have to lug anything also along.

Simple Clean Up

Simplify your night: plan for leftovers! Bring reusable bags and containers to house any delectable remnants of your picnic feast.

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