Five Questionable Coffee Pairings

By Kristen Mercure

Hot Sauce and Tully's French Roast? Maybe not.

Some things are meant to be together – peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips.  Milk and cookies.  But some things are meant to stay apart, far apart.  Like drinking orange juice right after you brush your teeth – the combination just doesn’t work well for anyone. The good news is coffee, particularly nice dark roasts like Tully’s® Coffee, works with pretty much anything.  Want to bring out the flavors in your Madison?  Drink it with a brownie!  Feeling sweet?  Try some maple syrup in that House Blend!  Care to enjoy some beef tenderloin?  Marinate it with Italian Roast coffee!  And yet, even the finest artisanal coffee isn’t immune from less-than-optimal pairings.  Polling our crew of coffee connoisseurs, here are some of our favorite questionable pairings from our dinner plates:

  • Hot sauce mixed with French Roast (Love hot sauce.  Love coffee. But the two together… mauvais!)
  • A mug of Hawaiian Blend with a tuna fish salad sandwich (Make that seared ahi tuna steak crusted in coffee and we have a different take).
  • Spicy pepperoni and Italian Roast (Both inspired by Italy, you’d think their shared spiciness would do something wonderful. Not so much).
  • Pizza with House Blend (The mix of grease and coffee were decidedly unpopular in our team).
  • Popcorn and Italian Roast (A contentious pairing – some like the salty factor; other loathe how the popcorn dissolves).
  • Broccoli and, well, any coffee (“Even Tully’s can’t make broccoli taste any better,” says the hater of broccoli).

What’s your questionable pairing?

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