First Day Back from Vacation Blues

By Kristen Mercure

First day Back from Vacation Blues

It’s happened.  Labor Day weekend is over.  You’re back at your desk, a little melancholy and reminiscing about joys of summer, of three day weekends, of getting out of the office when it’s still light out.

Sigh.  I do love summer.

But we can’t let the feeling take us over!  It’s time to get back into the swing of things, take the bull by the horns, saddle up the horse, and any other idiom that alludes to being more productive.  Here are three simple ideas to get us motivated and feeling fancy once more.

  1. Commit today to digging out. And only digging out. You know your Inbox is overloaded.  Your coworkers know your Inbox is overloaded.  The people down the street could imagine that your Inbox is overloaded.  Take today to make your life more manageable and just delete and flag.  Don’t respond until you go through it all.  Then tackle.  One thing at a time, my friends.
  2. Embrace your brewer.  Literally, hug it – it’s going to save you.  That office Keurig® brewer is going to brew you through the day, from Breakfast Blend all the way to Dark Magic®.  Permit yourself the luxury of enjoying every beverage available knowing that your mug can, in fact, be bottomless today and no one will judge you.
  3. Bring leftovers.  Seriously.  You may not be on vacation anymore but you sure as heck don’t have to eat like it.  Throw that Tricky Barbeque Sauce slathered chicken leg, macaroni salad, and Island Coconut® cookie in a lunch bag and have your own desk vacation siesta.

Summer vacation, pshaw – who needs you?

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