Firefighter Cools Down with Coffee

By Kristen Mercure

Have you ever had a photograph stir you?  Just churn up something inside that manges to pull at your heartstrings and set your mind racing?  This is the exact feeling we had when we received the picture below in our Inbox:

All images copyrighted © Ed Pospisil.

After Ed Popsil, photographer and retired Captain of the Hartford Fire Department and honorary FDNY Deputy Fire Chief, sent us his photograph of firefighters and our coffee after a call, we knew we had to share the story.  In Ed’s own words:

“It was a hot summer day in Vermont. Smoke was billowing out of a 60-foot silo on a diary farm in Corinth, VT.  As in most of Vermont, ordinary citizens are our brave firefighters and this fire was no exception.  [Firefighter] Josiah Seawell was chosen to climb up the encased ladder to find where the fire was originating from. As you can see from this 1st picture (above), it was a dirty job but he found the fire about 40-feet from the ground inside of the silo.

It turned out to be a 7-hour fire fight and our Vermont volunteers, our brave and hard-fighting firefighters, fought this long, hard fire. After this tiring job, Josiah (2nd picture, below) found the relief he needed. In the spirit that is so often found in Vermont, The Corinth Country Store came to Josiah and the rest of the firefighters with Green Mountain Coffee…the only coffee that these Green Mountain Firefighters drink!”


All images copyrighted © Ed Pospisil.

Thank you so much for sending these pictures our way, Ed!  And a big thank you to Josiah and the Volunteer Fire Department for serving our community, protecting our neighbors, and being our everyday heroes!

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