Finally, Selva Negra

By Winston

We’re roasting some very nice coffee from Nicaragua next week for the Special Reserve. You should order some right now.  It’s a fine coffee from a fine farm outside of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Lindsey Bolger and Mausi Kuhl cupping in Waterbury, Vermont

This is the first time we’ve been able to buy and sell their coffee, though people from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have been there many times.

It’s one of the places our employees visit every winter on their Employee Source Trip to Nicaragua and it’s always one the places we hear about the most when employees get back. We hear things like, “Mausi and Heddy are so neat!” or “my word, the howler monkeys at night were the weirdest most deep jungle like thing I’ve ever heard” to “I woke up early and went to the pond by the restaurant and drank coffee watching a man in a small row boat pull up greens from the depths of the water to help make compost for the coffee and all the vegetables and flowers.”

After hearing these things for so many years, I finally got to stay at Selva Negra last fall, hear the monkeys at night, drink fine coffee and get a tour from Mausi herself of this sprawling organic coffee farm. Sprawling doesn’t even do justice to how many things go on at their farm. They raise their own chickens, meat, pigs, flowers, vegetables, make their own milk, and of course, grow a lot of coffee.

We thank Mausi and Hedy for the chance to offer some of their coffee and we encourage you to try some. If you’re looking for a great place to visit an organic coffee farm, look them up and go visit!

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