Father’s Day Round-Up

By Kristen Mercure


Father. Dad. Daddy. Pop. Papa. Sir.  Whatever you call him, we know you say it with love and appreciation.  Or shock and horror when he calls you by your childhood nickname (“Droopy Pants”) in public, but that’s another story.  Either way, the man deserves a little praise for all that he’s done for you and all that he’ll continue to do because you’re the apple of his eye. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014 is Father’s Day, and while we shouldn’t just remember him one day out of the entire year, it’s a good time to give him a big hug, thank him for being who he is, and present him with something that will make him think of you, even if you’re not in sight.

That means no ties, best dad gear, or stadium coolers. 

You know what I’m talking about: that gift you bought as a last resort because you ran out of time, ideas, or just plum forgot that Father’s Day was so soon. We’ve all been there – but not this year. This year, we have a few alternatives to give your gift a little more pizzazz:

  • The Tie: Classic.  Fashionable.  And he has a lot and only wears a handful, if he wears them at all, that is.  The replacement?  The classic, fashionable, and functional Keurig® MINI PLUS brewer – to spiff up his office, may it be at home or down the road.  With 14 colors, you can match his favorite so he’ll think of you with every brew.
  • The Grill Tool Set:  He likes to grill and now has a library of spatulas, tongs, and brushes.  It’s time to branch out to give him something he doesn’t own: homemade BBQ sauce, curiosity of Green Mountain Coffee®.
  • More Tools: Hammer: Check! Drill: Check!  Saw: Check!  Give him a tool that’ll serve him daily, and taste delicious – a case of his favorite coffee.
  • The Best Dad Ever Mug: Okay, even we can’t complain about this one because he is, after all, the best dad ever.  But what about helping proving he’s the best dad ever by giving him a mug that’s good on the go, leak-proof, and spill proof?
  • Season tickets to his favorite college team: …as if.  New game plan: Give him the next best thing with a college decal for his Keurig® MINI Plus brewer.

Let’s make sure your gift this year gives him fond, appreciative thoughts rather than none at all. Here’s to dads – and the kids that share the love!


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