Fair Trade Organic Special Reserve: La Prosperidad Peru

By Laura

As copywriter for Green Mountain Coffee, one of my favorite assignments is writing the stories behind our Special Reserve coffees. These coffees are extremely rare and in very limited supply, so any time I get to write about them (and taste them!), it’s a special treat.

This month’s Special Reserve is also notable because it’s organic and Fair Trade Certified™. “La Prosperidad” is the combination of two microlots from the Cajamarca region in the northern highlands of Peru. It has lush, juicy fruit notes of apricot, lemon, cherry, and grapefruit. After a seductive, delicate aroma, the flavor leans toward buttery caramel and cocoa. Delicious!

The back story of this coffee is very down to earth — literally. In 2008, members of the Chirinos Prosperity Cooperative told us “tired soil” was one of their biggest problems, so we helped fund a certified organic compositing facility. Since then, production has almost doubled, new coffee plants are flowering earlier, and the plants are more resistant to disease. There’s also a noticeable difference in the cup — citrus notes are brighter, and the sweetness is more pronounced.

We’re pleased that an investment at ground level can have such wonderful, delicious results!  This limited batch roasts on October 18th!


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