Fair Trade All Day Long!

Fair Trade All Day Long!

Fair Trade Month Quiz:

Question 16: Other than coffee, what food products are Fair Trade Certified in the United States?

Answer: Tea, cocoa & chocolate, fresh fruit, sugar, rice, vanilla, flowers, and honey


Haven’t answered our Fair Trade Quiz question of the day, yet?  Well, why not?  The answer’s right there!  If that isn’t enough for you, the first 100 participants* get a sample of Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Certified™ Organic House Blend and all answers get entered to the grand prize drawing of 12-months of Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified™ Coffees.  Go here to enter: http://www.eatdrinkandbefair.com/quiz.php



*Sorry, employees and their immediate family members of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. are not eligible. But keep an eye out for our internal Fair Trade quiz.  




Fair Trade coffee means many things to me:

1.      Fair prices paid to democratically-organized farmer cooperatives

2.      Fair labor conditions

3.      A direct line of commerce between growers and buyers

4.      Community development

5.      Environmental sustainability. 


But most of all, it means that a single sip, bite, or spoonful is a great way to start the day…for me, you, and many farmers, as well.


With your day off to a rousing start, why not keep the Fair Trade ball rolling?  It’s possible to fuel the Fair Trade movement in a bunch of mouth-watering ways: chocolate, bananas, mangos, pineapples, grapes, sugar, honey, rice and tea (and, if you consider flowers edible, there are Fair Trade flowers too!).  Sounds like there is a killer batch of brownies or a lush fruit salad in my future.


For those without the time (or, in my case, skills!) to whip up something from scratch, our neighbors from just up the road, Ben & Jerry’s, use Fair Trade vanilla, chocolate, and coffee in their versions of these flavors.  À la mode, anyone?


Green America (formerly Co-op America) a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society, has a nice list of where to find these Fair Trade products.  See that list via the link HERE.



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