Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Top-Scored Coffee

By Laura

“Where there is coffee, may there be peace and prosperity.” —Traditional Ethiopian blessing


Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee because botanical evidence suggests coffee first grew wild in Ethiopia’s fertile highlands. Perhaps this is why coffee is an integral part of Ethiopian daily life—more so than in any other coffee-producing country. Ethiopians use an elaborate coffee ceremony to welcome guests and show friendship or respect. The ceremony, which can last a few hours, involves three cups for each guest. After the third cup is consumed, Ethiopians believe a blessing is bestowed and one’s spirit is transformed. Beans for our Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe come from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, the largest Fair Trade coffee producer in Ethiopia. In a country where most people live on a dollar a day, Fair Trade provides a steady source of income and hope for a better future. With the extra revenue generated by Fair Trade, farmers in this cooperative have been able to buy new washing stations and set up a repair fund. Investments like these allow the coop to continue producing an elegantly sweet coffee with orange blossom fragrance and vibrant lemony tones. Independent coffee critic Kenneth Davids gave our Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe high praise and an outstanding score of 93 points. Discover why Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is the choice of coffee connoisseurs around the world.

Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe “This coffee declares its essential Yirgacheffe character immediately: perfumy and pungently menthol-toned in the aroma, shimmering with floral and lemon notes.” Kenneth Davids,, Score:93, March 2008


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