Dress Up Your Keurig Brewer for Halloween

By Kristen Mercure

Spooktacular decorations: Check! Awesome costume: check! Best selection of candy on the block: check! Costume for your Keurig® brewer: che-  oh, you don’t have your brewer’s costume ready yet?  Wait, you never knew you should dress your Keurig® brewer up for the holiday? That’s strange… Okay, it’s a little short notice, but don’t worry: as experts in single-serve, fancy colors, and all things DIY, we have you covered. Here are our top three brewer costume ideas for 2015*:

Pop Culture –

Have a movie you love? A show you can’t stop streaming? A celebrity you’re dying to meet? Sounds to us like it’s time to pass some of that passion on to your favorite appliance.

Keurig brewer dressed as the movie UP

Glamour –

Your brewer works hard for you every day so you don’t have to, so why not give it a day of glamour.  A little metallic paint, rhinestones, and gems go a long way.

Spooky –

Besides candy and costumes, Halloween is all about frights. Make your brewer into a Halloween icon.


Hope these ideas inspire your Keurig® brewer costuming!  We’d love to see what you come up with… as long as it isn’t too scary.
*In case it wasn’t 100% obvious: have fun decorating the outside of your Keurig® brewer but don’t do anything inside the K-Cup® holder or water reservoir if you want to keep using it. 

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