Donut Wall Coffee Bar + The Original Donut Shop Coffee

By Briana Keene

Our friend Kate at Domestikated Life is talking donuts, brunch, and our busy lives filled with baby showers, bridal luncheons and just-because brunches this time of year!

Kate thought what better way to throw a brunch than to build a donut and coffee bar?! Unique, yummy and totally on-trend, this Coffee Bar is perfect to have a little fun with, for all of your get together’s and celebrations. So, let’s get crafty!

First, you’ll need a donut wall – Kate used an 18 x 24 wooden board. (Careful with any power tools, ladies!) Next, just measure out a grid with twelve slots and create a ‘donut hook’ similar to what you see Kate did. We don’t want those tasty little donuts to go anywhere!

Just find some space to create your own Keurig® Coffee Corner to set up your coffee bar station. Kate made her Keurig® K250 Coffee Maker the complement to the Donut Wall, with pops of color from her gold stirring spoons as well as festive napkins. She loves her Keurig® K250 brewer because it has enough capacity for entertaining lots of guests but still slim and sleek that it’s a nice space saver, too.

Keeping with the donut theme, Kate also used The Original Donut Shop®K-Cup® pods – the cute lid aside, the coffee is a classic, yet deliciously straightforward coffee that pairs perfectly with her yummy and delicious donuts. She even popped a few donut holes-skewered in, as coffee stirrers. How clever!

We give Kate many props for this beautiful and ingenious way of setting up a yummy Coffee Bar, decked out in the most adorable donuts, and perfect for any shower or brunch you may have coming up! It’s such a cute DIY self-serving bar as well, as guests can brew in under a minute as well as grab a donut hole as they sip and enjoy. And the sky’s the limit for various themes you can create!

Happy brunching 🙂






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