Donating Fair Trade Coffee

By Jasna

Did you know all of our coffee donations are fair trade certified organic coffee? In 2006 we made a commitment to donate only fair trade certified organic coffee through our product donations program.


We realized that we have a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the fair trade model in domestic communities by donating fair trade coffee through our product donations program. The organizations we work with use our coffee donations for fundraisers, events, or for operational support. In this way they help us tell the Fair Trade story and more people have the opportunity to taste the difference of fair trade organic coffee.

In the past three years Green Mountain Coffee Roasters donated close to 70,000 lbs of coffee to non-profit partners in communities where we work, live and conduct business. This amounts to some $700,000 worth of product donations since 2005!

Visit Brewing a Better World to learn more about our product donation program.

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