DIY Easter Egg Stands

By Kristen Mercure

To paraphrase a popular PSA question, “Do you know where your Easters eggs are?”  Wait, don’t tell me. I bet I can guess: stacked up in a basket on the table. While that’s a perfectly acceptable location, it lacks a little – what’s the right word? – panache. Think of it: all that work boiling, dying, and decorating and only half of those beauties are visible for the world to see.  Who will oh-and-ah over your glitter eggs?  Your funny face eggs?  Your thumbprint eggs?  No one, that’s who.

Unless you put them on display in DIY Easter egg stands, that is. And it’s as simple as 1-2-3, because, being a tried-and-true Keurig fan, you have the perfect stand at the ready: a used K-Cup® pod.

DIY Easter Egg Stands

1. Brew your favorite Keurig Brewed® K-Cup pod – perhaps Green Mountain Coffee® Island Coconut® Coffee to welcome in spring?  Sip, savor, and enjoy that cup!  (And let the brewed K-Cup® pod cool down a touch.)

2. Once cooled, carefully remove the foil lid, filter, and coffee grounds.  Your soon-to-be planted garden will appreciate a little coffee ground compost.

3. Gently wash out and towel-dry the empty K-Cup® pod.

4. Time to get creative and decorate that stand with paint, markers, construction paper, tissue paper, or whatever else you need to decorate!

5. Place a few marbles, washers, or coins in the bottom of the pod and then place your Easter Egg snugly on top.

6. Delight your friends and family with an assortment of egg-cellent Easter eggs displayed throughout your home!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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