Decorating the Tree – Making Memories

By Briana Keene

One of my most nostalgic and favorite traditions during the holidays is definitely picking out and then decorating the tree with my family. Whether you are the ambitious kind and have that tree up before Thanksgiving or, like my family, put the tree up a week or two before Christmas, it is one activity that we can all agree really brings merriment to all.

Growing up in a rural area of Pennsylvania, our Tree Farm trips were always an adventure! We all get into my dad’s truck and drive to the same tree farm every year. It certainly feels like a Griswold’s scene – picking out that perfect tree in the middle of the woods. After we tag our tree, we then take a second trip to actually cut it down and take it home with us –which is where the real family bonding began.

We start decorating in the evening. Full and satisfied from Mom’s home cooking and Nat King Cole bringing joy to our ears, the fire crackling, and the smell of Hot Cocoa not too far from us in the kitchen, it is truly a holiday moment.

The tinsel, the lights, the garland, the ornaments, in every shape and size, all play a role in helping to create each tree into something magical and unique. Every holiday, when a new ornament is being placed on the tree, from somewhere traveled near or far, it is a nice way to look back on the years, representing how each generation brings its own new memories.

What are some of your favorite decorating memories with your family?

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