Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee Milkshake

By Briana Keene

Today, July 26, is National Coffee Milkshake Day! Given the fact that milkshakes and ‘freak frappes’ have been all the ‘buzz’ lately, we knew we couldn’t miss out on joining the fun! So, we created a decadent and over the top Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee Milkshake! Our secret: Donut House Collection® Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee, brewed from your Keurig® brewer. We’re using our K250 coffee maker, in turquoise, today

Ingredients: (Serves 1)

1/2 cup strongly brewed coffee (1 Donut House Collection® Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee K-Cup® pod), brewed at 4 oz setting in your Keurig® brewer and chilled for at least 3 hours

3 giant scoops of  vanilla ice cream

1/2 tablespoon chocolate syrup

2 Chocolate Glazed Donuts

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


Blend the coffee, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and 1 chocolate glazed donut in a blender

Blend until smooth – if too thick add a splash or two of milk.

Pour milkshake into tall glass and garnish with the other chocolate glazed donut


We hope all you donut lovers and chocoholics will enjoy!

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