Coffee Companies Team Up to Combat Seasonal Hunger

By Amanda Cooper

For several years, we have worked with our partners to address seasonal hunger by supporting “food-security” projects at the household level —  that is, projects that help farmers grow or have the means to buy sufficient, nutritious food on a day-to-day basis. We’re excited to announce that we’ve now joined with four other coffee companies along with Mercy Corps and Aldea Global to work on this issue together.

The Coffeelands Food Security Coalition, made up of Counter Culture Coffee, Farmer Brothers, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., Starbucks Coffee Company and Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, is a collaborative project that aims to develop, enable and disseminate solutions to seasonal hunger in coffee producing countries. Mercy Corps is partnering with the Coalition to fight hunger in Nicaragua, beginning in February 2013, through the Empowering Food Securities Project. The Coalition aims to expand participation within the industry and with other NGO and government partners, and will be announcing opportunities in early spring 2013. For more information about the Coalition and opportunities to get involved, please visit Mercy Corps’ Food Security in the Coffeelands webpage.
In related coffee food security news, Susan Sarandon’s op-ed “Helping Small Coffee Growers Fatten Up the ‘Thin Months’ ” ran in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend. Within the article she discusses the issue of food insecurity among coffee farmers and the projects that Heifer, along with funding from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, are implementing to help combat this issue.
Learn more about seasonal hunger in the coffeelands by watching the documentary below, “After The Harvest: Fighting Hunger in the Coffeelands”, narrated by Susan Sarandon:

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