charity: water – Pipeline Partnership

By Briana Keene

We are excited to announce that we are continuing to work together with charity: water in Rwanda. This time, we will be supporting Pipeline. Pipeline is a system of local leaders; innovative technology and trained mechanics working together to make sure water access systems keep providing water to communities around the world.

Last year, we worked together with charity: water and began 14 projects that will provide nearly 8,000 people in Rwanda with access to clean, safe drinking water. We want to keep this water flowing. This year, we’ve pledged $150,000 to charity: water’s Pipeline program in Rwanda.

What are the goals of charity: water’s Pipeline program?

  1. Reduce down-time of broken projects
  2. Create teams of local entrepreneurs
  3. Grow local partners so they can go faster
  4. Invent new technologies that increase transparency and solve the water crisis
  5. Invest in community training (and re-training)
  6. And above all, keep water flowing:

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