Bonus Space, Spring Cleaning & Peppermint Tea

By Briana Keene

Our friend Mallory from Classy Clutter is giving a whole new name to Spring Cleaning! Today, she’s showing us how to spruce up any room in your house to create a ‘bonus room’ or a space that is special to you. For Mallory, that space has now become her own in-home office! With a little refresh and some spring cleaning, Mallory has completely transformed her space into a nice, bright, and airy working environment.

One of her tips is to splurge on a few new accent pieces while grabbing anything else from the rest of the house that might make more sense in the new space. So smart!


One of her favorite elements in her new space is her coffee bar!

Her favorite Keurig® beverages to brew in her Keurig® K250 brewer? She’s loving our teas, especially Twinings® of London Pure Peppermint Tea

We have a great selection of teas available in K-Cup® pods, to make a perfect cup in under a minute, every time. 


She even secretly told us she brewed quite a few hot cocoa beverages using her Keurig® brewer during the winter months, maybe a little more than she cared to admit 🙂

Whatever you love to brew, we hope we gave you a little springtime inspiration.

Happy Spring Cleaning & Happy brewing 🙂




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