Food from Source: Seafood Layover in Singapore


During a layover in Singapore on the way to Sumatra to meet with some of our coffee producers in the region, our team had the chance to dig into some of Singapore’s famous cuisine. Late in the day and a little groggy from the time change, we headed to a restaurant recommended to us to have the best crabs around.

This country loves their seafood. Although one of the most popular dishes in Singapore is the chili crab, the group went for the crab dish with white pepper, with spring onions, and garlic, an original recipe by the owner.  I'm a devout vegetarian - I didn't get to eat the crabs - but had to listen to everyone ooh and ahhhing over their own. I had a great meal of mushrooms and noodles! We joined the clean plate club during that meal; rave reviews from a sleep-deprived, time zone shocked coffee buyers!

Have you ever been to Singapore?

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