Compost is King

Compost is good for coffee trees

There’s a coop in Northern Peru called CHIRINOS that has just embarked on an exciting project with compost. You might think of compost from your kitchen as the stuff full of eggshells and coffee grinds that’s always piling up and begging to be taken out to the garden compost bin. To a small farmer in Peru, compost is essential, especially since many small coffee holder farms in Peru are having problems with tired soil. Working with the support of Sustainable Harvest, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and our good friend Edgar Blandon from Colombia, CHIRINOS is building their own compost plant to make compost for its farmer members. Called a Peer to Peer program, it’s the result of a timely collaboration between two different coffee farmer coops in two different countries – Peru – where CHIRINOS is and Colombia where Edgar CORPOAGRO is. (We buy a lot of coffee from both coops).

Edgar is being loaned out to CHIRINOS as a Compost Consultant. He’s already been to CHIRINOS once to do soil management and organic fertilizer production training. He’s also been doing some soil analysis, compost facility site analysis, scouring the area for sources of the raw materials for the compost, as well as some training on all the factors that go into making good compost.

Sometime this month, CHIRINOS hopes to break ground on the compost facility.


Try some of our coffee that might have some beans from CHIRINOS. Maps.
Try some of our coffee that might have some beans from CORPOAGRO. Maps.

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