Sourcing Fair Trade Coffee With Sustainable Harvests

Sustainable Harvest imports high quality sustainable specialty coffees from around the world.  We have worked with Sustainable Harvest for over 12 years, and through this business relationship, Green Mountain Coffee has developed strong ties with many coffee farmers, their communities, and their farm organizations. 

Many of the coffees that Sustainable Harvest sources for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are organic and Fair Trade certified, which helps insure that the environment and coffee farming families are respected and protected from local and global forces. In fact, about 50% of our Fair Trade coffee is sourced through Sustainable Harvest, including coffee used in our Fair Trade Organic House Blend™ and Newman’s French Roast.

Jorge Cuevas, is Director of Trade Operations for Sustainable Harvest, and is based in Oaxaca, Mexico.  In his role, Jorge oversees new business development both at origin and in the U.S., trying to match specific buyers with specific coffees and their growers.

Video Interview with Jorge Cuevas from Sustainable Harvest. held in the coffee lab at Green Mountain Coffee.

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