Our Latte Artist at the Visitors Center and Cafe

Kiley's Lattee Fish design at the Green Mountain Coffee Visitors Center and Cafe

Kiley at the espresso machine


My name is Kiley and I have been working at the Green Mountain Coffee® Visitor Center & Café located in Waterbury’s historic train station for about three and a half years. Over the course of these few years I've developed an interest in working with espresso-based drinks. Most recently I have been refining my latte art skills, which I find challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Lattes are humble beverages made on an espresso machine that consist of espresso shots and steamed milk. The art itself is made with the espresso crème and milk crème. The method of pouring the milk (height and quantity of the pour, affecting the velocity) effects which crème raises to the top. Accents, such as the fins on my fish above, can be created with a tool like a thermometer stem or a coffee stir stick.

I've been showing some of my latte art to customers as they come in to the Visitor Center & Cafe. I now receive requests for me to use art in beverages which allows me to refine my newly adapted skill. So far I have done some simple and traditional works such as traditional swirl designs and flowers. I have also done a few more advanced options such as animals, the night sky, and even a few unicorns! I’m currently working on my calligraphy and am always experimenting and expanding options for requests.

If you’re in the area, stop in and ask for me. You can request a latte or leave it up to my imagination! Hope to see you soon!

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