K-Cup Storage Solutions

We get a lot of questions and suggestions about the best way to store K Cups, aesthetically speaking. We think we've got three pretty good solutions, though we're always searching for more.


Our most popular storage device is our chrome K-Cup Carousel. It holds 27 K-Cups, looks great in any modern kitchen, and spins for easy use.  To learn more, click here.



For those seeking something more rustic and casual, we recommend our K-Cup Storage Baskets.  The baskets hold a total of 2 boxes of K-Cups (48+).  Click here for more details.



But maybe you'd like something more streamlined?  Try our K-Cup Tower.  It holds 30 K-Cups and rotates, lazy-Susan-like.

Still can't find what you want?  Come back in September -- we're adding four more storage options with the distribution of our new fall catalog.

Click here to see our full line of Keurig Accessories.

Have any k-cup storage ideas of your own?  We'd love to hear 'em -- please reply with comments or even e-mail us a digital picture at CustomerCare@gmcr.com .

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