Intercambio Perú 2012

One thing I love about our Company is the sheer number of opportunities we have to work hand-and-hand with our supply chain – from coffee farmers to importers to non-profits on the ground. A group of us from the Coffee team, CSR, and Marketing just got back from Peru doing that exact thing: Meeting with the supply chain, face-to-face.

Ed Canty from our Coffee Lab shakes hands with, while Paul Rice of Fair Trade USA looks on.

With Fair Trade USA, we hosted Intercambio Perú 2012 in Lima with our entire Fair Trade coffee supply chain in Peru (our largest Fair Trade origin). The purpose? To enhance transparency and collaboration, exchange ideas and projects, and create a productive business space. It turns out we are the first coffee roaster to ever gather coffee producers, importers, and outside organizations in one space to talk about opportunities in the coffee supply chain. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


During the three day event, we covered a lot of ground. There were 155 participants representing producer organizations, importers, traders, financiers, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that do projects in Peru. We sponsored a Risk Management Training in collaboration with the World Bank. We held a cupping calibration with lead cuppers from co-ops. The amount of energy in the room was palpable – and not just from the amount of caffeine in our coffee cups!

If you can tell from the excitement oozing out of this post, we are very motivated by the results of this event. Can’t wait to work on similar efforts in the future.

-Derek, Green Mountain Coffee Brand Manager

Group Photo!

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