Meet the Perfect K-Cup Sweepstakes Winner!

If you haven't heard already, The Perfect K-Cup Sweepstakes is an amazing opportunity for YOU to have the chance to win a new Keurig® Single-Cup Brewer along with a lifetime supply of K-Cup® portion packs!

That's right, a lifetime supply.  We're not kidding -- Just ask our inagural winner, Bonnie G. of Muskegon, MI.  Bonnie was recently awarded a new Keurig Platinum Brewer along with her lifetime supply of coffee!

Bonnie is an avid sweepstakes player who loves finding prizes, both large and small.  She tells us, "Winning is all about persistence."  Her brother is also a Keurig owner and raves about the product, so when Bonnie found out she won the sweepstakes, she was more than thrilled!  She prefers to enjoy a "regular" cup of Green Mountain Coffee, but on occasion will have a cup of hazelnut as one of her flavored favorites.  Congrats again, Bonnie!

So what does it take to be like Bonnie?  Simply visit The Perfect K-Cup Sweepstakes homepage, fill out the information - and you're set!  There are daily prize giveaways with the chance at our Grand Prize which will be awarded in early 2011.  Enter early, enter often!  If you own a Brewer, this sweepstakes is just for YOU.

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