Beverage Bar Bash

By Allie Hanson


Do you know what summer means?  Parties, parties, and more parties. If it’s not a graduation party, it’s a bridal shower or a weekend BBQ.  With all these special occasions this summer, you’re bound to throw at least one party.

There are so many great things about summer parties, except one thing: the drinks! Here’s how it usually how it goes down – you dunk your arm, elbow deep, into a large bucket of ice searching for anything you can grab, as your fingers start to go numb. When you pull your arm out, you see that what you grabbed is not what you want, but there is no way you’re going to plunge back into that ocean of ice! Now your arm is red and purple, dripping with water and ice particles. Gross!

Let’s stop this madness! Never again should anyone have to dunk into an icy abyss for sub-par beverages.

Here’s our solution: Infused ice cubes!


The night before the party, brew any Keurig® iced beverage of choicePour the beverage into ice cube trays and add fruit….

For the party, bring your Keurig® brewer outside and set up a Beverage Bar, equipped with K-Cup® pods like Snapple® and Celestial Seasonings® along with your infused ice cubes.


Your guests now have the ability to create their own customized beverage!


People will be talking about this Beverage Bar for years to come. Cheers to an even cooler summer! 


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