Ask the Coffee Lab: Our Top Cuppers of 2012

By Winston

The Cupping Table

We tallied up the number of cuppings we did in Waterbury, Vermont for 2012 and the big number is 7,142 cuppings! That number represents the samples that we cupped in Waterbury alone, with a sample representing a contract for green coffee which is normally in the size of 42,000 pounds.  You can see that these cuppings represent a lot of coffee.  One sample has six cups put out on the table; multiply that by the number of cuppings and that’s 42,852 cups of coffee.  Since every sample should have three people cup each cup, we’re now looking at 128,556 cups cupped, or “spoon dips” for lack of a better phrase.

But now…for our top cuppers!  Brent, Coffee Generalist, cupped the most cups this past year clocking in at 5,610, or 33,660 different cups he dipped a spoon into.  Getting the “silver” medal was Penny at 5,088 samples and your humble correspondent who won a “bronze” at 4,966.  If you see any of us vacuuming the drapes at 11:30 at night, now you’ll know why.

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