A Toast to the Roast – National Coffee Day

By Kristen Mercure


We never need an excuse to drink coffee. Early mornings. Late nights. Long drives. Days of the week that end with “y.”

But today? Today is a day more befitting of a piping hot cup (or three) of Joe than any other: Today is National Coffee Day. As we don’t have an official birthday for our beloved bean (other than the general “15th century” estimate), let’s take today to celebrate coffee – and maybe toast them by sharing a little roasting knowledge.  We all know that coffee starts out as the seed inside a coffee cherry (right?) and it’s the roasting process that is one of the most influential factors in determining a coffee’s flavor.

State-of-the-art roasting equipment allows us to replicate a roast profile precisely, time after time. The art is in the Roast Master’s ability to coax out each bean’s true character and highlight its greatest contribution to the cup.

  • With a light roast, the nuances of the coffee’s own flavors and aromas are allowed to shine. Subtle regional differences aren’t obscured by the roasting process itself. Bright, citrus aromas and clean acidity are revealed.
  • With a medium roast, acidity starts to mellow and warm, chocolate notes emerge. We use a medium roast when we want to balance the inherent flavors of the coffee with flavors imparted by the roasting process.
  • A dark roast fully develops a bean’s natural caramel sweetness and velvety body. The flavors of dark roasted coffees are most directly influenced by the Roast Master’s skill.

Here’s to coffee – the ‘roastiest’ bean around!


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