A Happy Holidays – One Ugly Sweater at a Time

A Happy Holidays – One Ugly Sweater at a Time

The holiday season is a little nutty around here.  Excited regular, decafFair Trade, organic, flavored, and seasonal blend-lovin’ people are buying coffee for the holiday crowd like there’s no tomorrow and we, of course, are as busy as an one-armed paper hanger.

So, as I said, nutty.

But today a true depiction of our holiday wackiness made itself apparent in a little something called Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Everyone has one and some wear them in public – even in our office.

May I present our top two favorites?  To ease you into the ugliness, our silk-screened runner-up:

Nicole and the runner up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nicole modeling the “Christmas Goodies” sweatshirt and antlers.

Then there’s The Ugly Christmas Sweater.  Yes, “The” Ugly Christmas Sweater – a piece of red, green, and tinseled apparel so hideous that it deserves its own zip code, let alone a “The” in front of its name.  It’s hard to describe this lovely woolen beauty, so let’s hear from Chris, the wearer of this repugnant sweater, as he describes his auction find:

The events committee of my graduate program decided to use a “tacky holiday sweater theme” for our annual winter gathering and give a prize to the person with the ugliest sweater…guess who won?

Chris Brown and his Ugly Christmas Sweater

Chris modeling his Scottish terror/pom-pom/stuffed reindeer/tinsel attire AKA The Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Happy Holidays from us!  Hope you find beauty in the holidays – even when events are as homely as our sweater collection!


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