A Frozen Blueberry Treat In A Refreshed Spring Coffee Bar

By Briana Keene

We’re thrilled that blogger and friend Courtney from Pizzazzerie is as excited about spring as we are! She’ll be giving us tips and tricks for a perfectly refreshed and seasonally fitting update for your coffee bar or coffee corner in your kitchen. We’re glad to see that giving her Keurig® coffee station a little update was on the list as she refreshed her home for the season! As she puts it, shes loves to “wake up to a happy and colorful greeting in the form of caffeine!”

One thing that Courtney is getting us excited about, beside the warmer weather, is an incredibly creamy and delicious frozen blueberry treat!

But first, a few fun tips from Courtney’s home to yours, to give that kitchen a little ‘pizzazz’:

  1. A few fun, colorful hues go a long way when decorating! She used a blue gingham runner across her coffee bar station for that pop! Her Keurig®  White K250 brewer fits nicely. She also says that hyacinths in an antique vase give the area the most amazing smell. A few topiaries around the house give a nice touch, too. All they need is a little spritz.
  2. Never underestimate some snacks and baked goods around the table. Naturally. Courtney displayed blueberry scones and vanilla almond biscotti beautifully. Don’t hesitate to get a little fancy and use a cake stand, because, why not? It’s nice for your family to have a little treat to grab on the go.
  3. Whip up a delicious and seasonally-inspired beverage!

Time to make a frozen blueberry beverage! Her secret ingredient?  Green Mountain Coffee® Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® pods as the base for her frozen blueberry concoction. She brews her K-Cup® pod at just the touch of a button, using her Keurig® White K250 brewer. She also loves that Green Mountain Coffee® is a Fair Trade Certified™ coffee; truly a farm to cup experience!

Blueberry Frozen Treat


1 Green Mountain Coffee® Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup® pod
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
1 cup ice
¼ cup fresh blueberries (or fruit of choice)


Brew your K-Cup® pod and pour into blender with sweetened condensed milk, ice and fruit. Blend away and enjoy! To jazz it up, top with whipped cream and a garnish of blueberries. You can also use frozen blueberries if you have those on hand!

There are also lots of delicious flavors to try! Yes, this means you can make flavored frozen goodies whenever you want and in so many flavors.

We hope you all feel inspired as we do. Give your life a little spring refresh, whether it’s trying a new refreshing recipe or sprucing up your kitchen and home.

Happy Spring! XOXO








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