Exciting Refresh at Green Mountain Coffee® Cafe and Visitor Center

By Cassandra Ross

We made a lot of new and exciting changes in 2016 at the Green Mountain Coffee® Café and Visitor Center, including a complete refresh of our interior space and I cannot wait to share the new space with you in the New Year!

Walking through the café door, your senses will be overwhelmed by the delicious smell of our freshly brewed coffee; shelves full of our bagged coffees, and an amazing assortment of Green Mountain Coffee® merchandise crafted by local Vermont artisans (I personally love our train station inspired mug, designed by the on-site staff and the great Jeremy Ayers of Jeremy Ayer Pottery*).

The Community Room is a huge part of the renovation where we have a full selection of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup® pods as well as our new Keurig® Singles kiosk which allows you to pick and choose pods and create your own personalized gift box. Surrounding the room you are able to catch a glimpse of the lives of the coffee farmers and communities by the gorgeous photos taken by Keurig Green Mountain employees on trips to coffee-growing regions.

We have also introduced the “Behind the Beans Map”, in which you are able to discover coffee types within our blends, and sources of our single-origin coffees. This has been a great addition toour community room, as it gives visitors a better understanding of everything that goes into our coffee, which we love! The Green Mountain Coffee® historical timeline is also a really great addition, as it lists some of our key achievements, innovations, and commitments to the community! My favorite take-away is the fact that since 2001, Green Mountain Coffee ® has become one of the largest roasters of Fair Trade Certified coffee and in 2010 we became the largest purchaser of Fair Trade coffee in the world- a feat we repeated over the next 3 years.

Lastly, we have introduced informational kiosks. The kiosks provide vivid detail on the process “From Bean to Cup,” and a variety of information about the company’s commitment to making every cup matter; including topics such as recycling, clean water sensibility, and improving the livelihood of farmers! As the world is growing so are we!

Whether you want to learn more about our company, sample coffee, or just relax with free Wi-Fi, it is all available to you with our new renovations!

I hope you come visit us soon at Green Mountain Coffee® Café and Visitor Center!


*Feel to visit Jeremy Ayers Pottery at www.jeremyayerspottery.com

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