3 Fun K-Cup Pack Art Projects for Kids

By Katherine Cheney

3 Fun K-Cup Pack Art Projects for Kids

As everyone starts adjusting back into school mode, you’re probably scrambling to come up with some creative after school activities you can do with your kids.  I’ve come up with some exciting and easy projects you can try. These projects promote creativity, imagination, and reuse. How is that? Because each of these projects incorporates your used K-Cup® packs! So, get ready to have some fun, here are 3 K-Cup® pack art projects for kids.

First, you can make pipe cleaner flowers with a K-Cup® pack flower pot. Use your imagination to bend pipe cleaners into flowers. Your kids will have fun using different colors to make imaginative flowers. All you have to do is push the pipe cleaner through the K-Cup® pack foil and voila! You have a handy flower pot.

 K-Cup® pack flower pots

This next project encourages your kids to be creative with color and design. K-Cup® packs make the perfect stamps for a colorfully loopy painting. All you have to do is empty a used K-Cup® pack (be careful, the foil can be sharp), dip the top rim in paint, and stamp away. Your kids can choose color schemes and designs to create a painted masterpiece!

K-Cup Pack stamping

This last project is fun, easy, and adorable. You can use K-Cup® packs to make 3-D animals. I chose to try out birds. It’s simple; choose some fun colored paper (or let your kids draw their own designs), draw the animal you want to make on the paper, and cut out the shape. You’ll need two cut-outs of your animal shape. Next, flip a K-Cup® pack upside down and attach the animal cut-out around the K-Cup® pack. That’s it! You’ve created your very own 3-D animal. Use your imagination to make embellishments to the animals like facial features, wings, or feet. Your kids can even have fun decorating their animal with feathers, glitter, or paint.

DIY K-Cup 3-D animals

These 3 K-Cup® pack art projects are fun and simple. They’re perfect for an afternoon when your kids need to let out some creativity. The best part is, you can keep re-using your K-Cup® packs over and over again. It’s never ending entertainment! Who knew K-Cup® packs could be so crafty?

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